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Branding Work

As an Art Director with a heavy design background, I really enjoy creating from scratch. Branding work allows an avenue for me to explore strategic and competitive design from a different angle, helping clients across different industries to stamp their businesses with a personal and professional mark.


Check out a few of the brands I built from scratch!

Asset 7_3x.png

Centaurian is a consulting firm that specializes in responsible Ai. They wanted the mark to position Centaurian as the convergence point between humanity and technology so I merged the two C's to create an open-ended ampersand.

Asset 6_3x.png
Asset 9_3x.png

The V mark was inspired by navigational symbols on a compass. It typically points toward the direction your're facing, so by positioning the arrow downward, the mark points to the truth.

Asset 10_3x.png
Asset 11_3x.png

StuctSured is all about trust, strength, and stability in the commercial real estate industry. This mark is an abstract modern representation of a sturdy, unwavering business.

Asset 12_3x.png
Asset 13_3x.png

Workshop Twenty One is an online Textile corporation that services boutique hotels in Atlanta, GA. The client wanted clean, modern type with an Ecommerce site to match. I designed and developed both.

Asset 14_3x.png
Asset 16_3x.png

Unathletico Madrid is a soccer team that wanted a professional logo for their jerseys. These marks were hand drawn and refined to stand apart from other league teams.

Asset 17_3x.png
Asset 17_3x.png
Asset 14_3x.png

Striking Gold Golf Collective is a nonprofit working to bring more women into the game of golf. This abstract logo uses the "S" as a pattern piece to depict a golfer at the top of their swing. It's simple, modern, and it looks great on pro shop merch.  

Asset 18_3x.png
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