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i'm a maker. 

I make my own clothes, my own furniture, I can even make myself take a perfect, 5 minute nap. I'll make you some weird Ai art, upcycle your old clothes, and my driver will make you regret asking if I want to play from the Women's tees. Full disclosure, I make all of my friends smile for my scrapbook of film photos. But more than anything, I like to make memories and I love using my expansive list of interests to create community with others.


Whoever said you can't have too many hobbies?


Ai Art Resources
I was called "BrightHouse's resident Ai genius" in a meeting and clearly it went to my head. Here are some things I made to help my coworkers and friends learn image generation. 
I guess I'm a
[clothing] designer now?
I may or may not have gotten bored last month and decided to make my own clothing brand from scratch. I branded it, started a new Instagram, and went hunting at Goodwill for vintage clothing I could rework into one of a kind sweatshirts. 
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