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John Deere

"Leaps Unlocked" Investor Day 2022

With its 2022 investor day, John Deere had the opportunity to show the world the tech-enabled, customer-oriented, and purpose-driven company it had become –  and the $150 billion addressable market unlocked by its unique tech stack and business model. We wanted to make it an experience greater than Deere ever had before – using animated graphics, film, and purpose-driven scripts to not only excite the audience, but also illustrate key points that showcased Deere’s strategic advantage.


Previous Investor days looked a lot like this- a speaker on a stool, in front of a green screen. No scripts, no specific visuals, just 3 hours of sitting in a dark room and trying to listen to John Deere employees talk about tech. Unfortunately, a lot of the amazing advancements they've made has been lost to these less-than-impressive presentations, so when they reached out for help, we knew just how to elevate the experience.

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 9.00_edited.jpg


Deere just finished a new HQ in Demoine Iowa, 20 minutes away from their testing farm. We created a day full of speakers, walk-throughs on the farm, and experiences with the machinery that gave the press and our investors a deeper understanding of the new technology. We helped the speakers out by crafting their scripts and adding a teleprompter, hiring a DJ, and creating live visuals to show on the 16 foot long LED screen we had brought in. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 9.08.43 AM.png

Live Event Recording

This video is the full Leaps Unlocked event, produced by Reel and Co. It's a long watch so you may want to skip through it, but know that every word said, graphic shown, sound played, and tractor placed was crafted in excruciating detail by our BrightHouse team.

Event Intro Film

Copywriter: Rebecca Cullers

Art Direction: Justine Thompson

Cut and Color: Mad Hat Creative

Sound Design: Soundbyte


This 2.5 hour long presentation has a dense amount of important information in it, and we needed to make sure every point made was easily digestible for our non-AG audience. After knit-picky disections of each script, our team pulled key information and drafted over 120 animated graphic concepts from scratch. After having to navigate a tricky relationship (lets be honest it was a BAD vendor), we pulled a new team together and knocked these out in under 2 weeks. Sarah Hernandez, a senior designer at Brighthouse, concepted and designed each graphic and we hired an animator to set them all to motion. 



The microsite was something we came up with and added into the scope, as everyone agreed it would be the easiest way for participants to access the information they needed. It has information on the schedule, speakers, different testing stations, question submissions for participants, and a link to the live event. We designed and developed the entire site in about 2.5 weeks, one of our quickest turnarounds to date. 

Behind the Scenes

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