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Pet Pro Connect

App Branding and Launch

Few businesses are better situated for a pandemic than a telemedicine company for pet care. PetPro Connect’s only problem was that they were not planning to launch so soon. We were tapped to launch PetPro Connect and its platform PetPro Tele+ in April 2020, when staying home and staying safe were the best things anyone could do. The app started with just a name and I was able to bring the visual identity and launch campaign to life. To shoot content for this campaign, we worked with a photographer who lived on a stunning farm and selected our talent from his family members, neighbors, and many adorable pets.

Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 10.33.23 AM.png

Tele Plus App Launch

Copywriters: Nelle Thomas, Marcello Florentino  |  Art Directors: Justine Thompson, Diogo Mendonca

Altogether for Healthier Pets

How to Use Pet Pro Tele+

300,000 Connection Celebration

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