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United States Marine Corps

245th Birthday Campaign

The Marine Corps birthday is a BIG deal in the Corps, so naturally, we make it a big deal on their platforms. My charge was to come up with a fun, badass, organic campaign to celebrate Marines for their 245th birthday.

I think of the Corps like the mob (hear me out). It’s hard to get in, once you’re in you’re in for life, and you experience things that people on the outside will never understand. From things like only holding groceries in your left hand, to stepping on the yellow footprints, to “absolute zero” haircuts, there are a lot of nuances that bring back memories for all Marines all over the world. So, to bring them together and hear some of their stories, I created sharable memes just for them.

Birthday Memes on Social

These organic posts were shared over a thousand times and received over million impressions on instagram alone. But even better than that was seeing the comment sections for these posts. Strangers shared stories, commented on each others experiences, and made real connections. Pretty cool to get to be part of a celebration that brings people together like that.

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